Garmin Baja Chip Files 11-2016

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Murdock Navigation background Baja maps for Garmin GPS systems

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Primary Features of the chip...
  • Focuses exclusively on Baja California, and parts of Puerto Penasco
  • Developed by racers and chasers – for racers and chasers
  • Focuses primarily on “chase roads” as well as all Major Highways
  • Secondary focus is on the "other" back roads that make Baja special
  • Includes city streets with street names (where known)
  • Ranchos with names (where known)
  • Locations of known Military Checkpoints
  • Major "points of interest" all along the peninsula (intersections and "junctions")
  • Contains the majority of back roads from TJ to Cabo along race courses
  • Pemex station locations for major towns as well as many smaller towns
  • Incorporates major topographical contour lines

The information on these chips is based on the combined efforts and experiences of family and friends, as well as information gathered from multiple race teams. Our Baja map chip is the result of hundreds of cumulative years of racing, chasing, exploring, and extensive general research of maps, almanacs, and on online resources.

Yes, we have driven on a majority of the roads in the files. All major highways are included in the files. We have been on all of them. In the beginning, the "chase roads" were added based upon all roads that "intersected" a race course. As more and more of our secondary trips were recorded, we decided to add more roads to the file. The addition of these roads has led to an incredibly detailed map south of the border.
Please note that locked gates are not marked in the file. You may encounter a locked gate, making the road impassible. If you do encounter a gate that is not locked, please be sure to close the gate behind you.

The street names were added based of what we could find on paper maps and in almanacs, as well as online resources. They are as close as we could get them.

As we would pre-run, the ranchos we would pass along the racecourse would get marked. Eventually we had a whole bunch of ranchos, some with names, and some without. Consulting our almanacs, we came up with the missing names, so we added them to the files. Some of the maps contradict each other when it comes to a name.

The marked military checkpoints in the file might be hit and miss. Some of the checkpoints are a permanent fixture and are there all the time, and some are of the roving variety. You may encounter a checkpoint that is not in the file. If so, please let us know and we would be happy to add it to future releases.

These would be the roads that are not really "race" related. These are taken from our non-race excursions, and come from a plethora of friends and family have driven down a dirt road just to see where it goes.

These were only recently added to the files. This is by no means an exhausted list of gas stations. These are just the ones that we are aware of. Every trip more new ones get added. Baja is adding more and more every time we go down there. If you have a favorite station that is not in the file, drop us a line and let us know where it is.

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